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The world has been seeing record temperatures this year. Predictions say the world is going to keep getting warmer. Even when you are indoors it can be hard to find refuge from the heat these days.

That’s why buying an air conditioner is so important. Making sure it is installed properly is even more important.

You can’t leave your AC unit in the hands of just anyone. You need a licensed, bonded, insured and reliable air conditioner installer at your service. If you call Go Green Air And Heat LLC, we can be there to install your air conditioner or fix your faulty AC unit as soon as possible.

Go Green Air And Heat LLC Provides Air Conditioner Maintenance and Repairs

When we say we will arrive to fix your air conditioner as soon as possible, rest assured that we mean it. When an air conditioner is going unused because of a broken fan we try to repair the problem immediately. No one, especially children or the elderly, should be without an air conditioner during Summerfield’s record-breaking heatwaves. That is why we offer 24/7 around-the-clock emergency service to all of our clients. If you have a problem, all that is required of you is to give Go Green Air And Heat LLC a call!

A faulty AC unit that goes unfixed can lead to very serious problems down the road. The most common consequence we see in Summerfield is when a faulty air conditioner breaks down for homeowners on hot days. This happens because any unchecked problems in an AC unit result in the air conditioner overworking itself to try and work around the damages. When an air conditioner is overworked, as it would be on a hot day, it can stop working altogether.

Another common problem for poorly maintained air conditioners is that they start to use up more power. Electric bills skyrocket and homeowners are left wondering what the problem could be. This is why we recommend not only calling us any time you suspect a minor problem, but for regular maintenance as well. Maintenance is key to making sure that your air conditioner doesn’t fail you on the days you need it most.

The Dangers of DIY Air Conditioner Installation

There is a lot of appeal to the DIY (do-it-yourself) approach of installing an air conditioner. You can save money on hiring a certified AC expert, and you don’t have to worry about strangers coming into your home.

Lots can go wrong when you attempt to install your air conditioner yourself. Most of the problems that a poor installation can cause will even go unnoticed while still doing serious damage to your unit.

When Go Green Air And Heat LLC installs your air conditioner, we always make sure we check for air duct leakage. This is done by inspecting your air duct system, which is not something a rookie can do confidently. A faulty air duct system is energy inefficient and can lead to big spikes in electric bills. Without a proper duct inspection, you risk wearing out your air conditioner prematurely.

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