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Let’s face it, at Go Green Air And Heat LLC we know that there are very few things in life as frustrating as realizing that your home’s air conditioning unit has broken down smack in the middle of a hot and humid Summerfield summer. Unfortunately, many air conditioning unit mishaps are a direct result of incorrect installation as opposed to depreciation or general wear and tear. This is immensely frustrating for Summerfield homeowners who believe that they have done everything right only to find that shoddy workmanship has cost them and their family cool, dry air when they need it the most!

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Air Conditioning

The world has been seeing record temperatures this year. Predictions say the world is going to keep getting warmer. Even when you are indoors it can be hard to find refuge from the heat these days.

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Air Conditioning Repair

Is your air conditioning system blowing hot air, or not functioning at all? Have you been noticing suspicious noises emerging from your system? It may be time for your home or business’s AC to be repaired or maintained.